Collection: Aid for the Ukrainian People

We have good friends in the Ukraine who are some of the best people we have known in our long lives. They have worked with us for peace and to encourage the arts in the Caucasus region (
They themselves need our help now and in this small way, because  t-shirts are what we do, we hope to join them.
A shirt purchase is great and we'll donate $15 from every purchase to Vostok-SOS-USA, an organization that is providing humanitarian aid, recommended by our friends in Ukraine .
Buying a shirt is a gesture of solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are resisting Putin's aggression, but we highly recommend that you also go directly to Vostok-SOS-USA and donate.
The shirt in English and Russian refers to what a tiny outpost on Zmiinyi Island in the Black Sea told attacking Russian warships and typifies the spirit of the Ukrainian people at this time.
Update on Shirts and Other Cooperation
We have received generous donations of shirts from LAT Apparel and Allmade Apparel. Their generosity means we can donate more of the money we receive per shirt to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. It also means the shirt you receive may be all cotton or a blend. 
SPSI, Supacolor and Jakprints have also joined us in collaboration.